No kid should be denied the chance to kick a ball about. It's one of life's most simple pleasures.

So that's what we're here for. To get sports equipment direct into the hands (or rather feet) of some of the world's most disadvantaged kids. On behalf of you. Simple.

Every donation you give is converted into a brand new footballs (or netballs), pumps & spare valves and hand delivered by us with a message that it comes from you - yes, it really is that personal. Every ball goes direct to kids in schools, orphanages or even just by the side of the road. We keep a record so you can find out exactly where your ball went.

To date we've run projects in Malawi, Angola, Uganda, Rwanda (inc DR Congo), Zambia and Tanzania, delivering tens of thousands of balls. And in 2017/18 we're heading for Sierra Leone.

Footballs are a hugely resourceful tool and can be used to help draw kids into education, off the streets and into care. As well as putting smiles on faces.

The Great Football Giveaway Film
Not so long ago we made a short film about what we do, which was shown shown on CH4 in UK and on TV around the world. If you'd like a DVD copy to share with friends and help spread the message, please contact us.

For all our latest news and project updates please visit our Blog, or stay in touch via Facebook.

Get Involved
The great thing about The Great Football Giveaway is that anyone can be a part of it. If you're interested in volunteering or fundraising find out how here.