Paul Clarke with children in Malawi

Join us...

We're all volunteers and we rely 100% on people stepping forward to help us put together our projects, so please join us. Here are some suggestions for ways to get involved.

Run your own micro-project in Malawi
Put together a team of 3 people, raise what you can for the charity, then head out to Malawi. For every £10 you’ve raised, there'll be a ball waiting for you to hand deliver. Our help and guidance will be available at all times, but this project will be 100% your own making. So far since October 2010, eight teams have been out to different areas of rural Tanzania and three to Malawi.

Run your own project, start to finish
The Daddy of all things Great Football Giveaway. This is what we need more than anything. People to step forward for the ultimate challenge of organising a project start to finish in a country of your choice, with our support. This will be without doubt one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding things you can do. And it will all be down to you.

Donate a skill
We always welcome people who want to use their existing skills and experience to make The Great Football Giveaway better.

Host a film screening
For the last few years we have been putting together a short film about The Great Football Giveaway. The more people that can watch it, talk about it, recommend it to others, the better.

These are just some of the ways to get involved. Download our Volunteering info sheet, or contact us for more info on any of them.


In the last few years we've had over 35 volunteers join us on projects - here's what some have said about their experiences:

"My two footballing-mad sons both donated a ball for a tenner and received a personalised photo and message back from Paul Clarke in Malawi showing exactly where and to whom their footballs ended up!... 2 years later, I somehow found myself volunteering to lead the TGFG 2008 project to Uganda!"
Duncan Thomas

"It is a thing of beauty to see playful life come surging back to kids that have been flattened by circumstance. There has to be a pure stream of positivity for these children whether for a moment, a day or for the rest of their lives from something so simple."
Bob Wilson Read Bob's story

“I had a terrific time, a kind of mini adventure holiday with an underlying serious but benevolent purpose” Pete Simmons Read Pete’s story

"Amazing! Exhilarating! and an experience never to EVER be forgotten."
Jason Swift

"Being a volunteer for the great football giveaway has been one of the most emotionally challenging but rewarding things I have ever done. Working for the charity is simple, you help raise money to buy balls, you give out the balls. What you learn is the amazingly positive impact such a simple gestures can bring. To travel a whole country spreading such simply pleasure is an experience I will never forget, I love football, I had the chance to play whenever i wanted, now most of the children in Rwanda can do the same. I highly recommend to anyone interested in supporting the charity to do so!"
Steve Dickson